Anna exaggerated

by Vaidehi Sachin

Delhi Police had used Section 107 and Section 141 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) to detain Hazare. This is the fate of the powerless Indians to die with hunger either in real life or during hunger strike. There are no sensitive politicians and the people left in India to take notice of these things. Lokpal drafting talks have also been hit over the insistence of anti-graft activists, led by Gandhian Anna Hazare, that the prime minister's office should be brought under the ambit of Lokpal and that the panel proceedings should be telecast live, which the government is opposing the draft prepared by Anna team and the other draft prepared by the government ministers should presented before the cabinet and the cabinet will decide which version with correction would be presented to the parliament.
I strongly support Anna Hazare but still feel that its exaggeration, media is over hyping the issue instead of having neutral stand. Probably, Anna and his group are aware of public sentiments and at this time they could really extract every benefit. If they are fighting for the interest of the common people then they don't need media, dialogue drama and specific space. When Ramdev and Hazare both have their own empire and thousands of their followers reach then in their respective places, then why didn't they preferred sitting at their home towns, Anna at Ralegan siddhi and Ramdev at Patanjali Aashram? They should fight for the real cause that is to make the Indian voters powerful, to empower them in electing the right candidates and to empower them to reject the criminals. From past so many days one could witness the Drama that Anna has plotted. If Anna is trying to be Mahatma Gandhi, then he should be one like him. He is travelling in air-conditioned high tech cars, starched outfit and with celebrity status. Gandhiji with his Dhoti and Pancha used to walk for miles, was connected to common man, however reaching Hazare is just a task for common public. How can you call him Gandhiji? One similarity between them is that Gandhiji divided the nation by separating India Pakistan and Hazare is dividing Indians in the name of ideology. He was openly announcing that if he goes to jail then all should make it a point to get arrested. 

The Lokpal Bill movement and debate are now turning out to be a war of words. The Congress has called Anna Hazare an 'unelected dictator' who is raking up issues that are a "threat" to democratic institutions. Can issues concerning bribes and corruption become a threat to democratic institutions? Actually Team Anna can give suggestions, not command or coerce the government through fasts or street-side rabble-rousing agitations. Team Anna cannot set deadlines to parliament on passing the Lokpal Bill. In other words, the Parliament can take another 40 odd years to get a Bill through. All these war of words are carefully calibrated to divert the focus of Anna Hazare and needle him to commit a blunder - just as Baba Ramdev wanted to raise an army of youths. Unfortunately, Anna, the Gandhian, has started responding by calling some MPs liars. This is not what he should do; this is not what Gandhiji would have done. Instead of word for word and barb for barb, Anna should change his tactics. The government has made it clear that it will not allow anyone to go on fast in Delhi. So what? Anna should employ the next tool in Gandhiji's armoury - padayatra. Team Anna should galvanise India, especially in the rural areas where people are reeling under corruption and have no option but to pay bribes. The anti-corruption movement should not be kept as a Delhi phenomenon or a movement of the elite. In 1930, Mahatma Gandhi went on a padayatra -- the famous Salt march to Dandi -- to bring the British government to its knees. Over two decades later, Vinoba Bhave went on a padayatra for the Bhoodan movement.

After Vinoba Bhave, there were not been many padayatras for a national cause. I admit that Young Turk and former Prime Minister Chandrasekhar also went on a padayatra from Kanyakum-ari to Rajghat covering a distance of nearly 4260 kms from January 6, 1983 to June 25, 1983 to connect with the masses and to understand their problems.

WHY? Satyagraha and Andolan require no luxury and false show off; I would have appreciated if Anna could save all these sponsorships and funds for the welfare of common man. Flight tickets, his teams travel expenses, food, stay, media management, promotions sucks the economy of this country. Discomfort in managing law and order, disturbance, waste of government's time all this was not expected from a sensible human like Anna Hazare. Revolution is needed but without any publicity stunt.

Can Anna's Lokpal will stir the corruption. The government is making hue and cry and the very base of constitution is questioned. I hope it will eventually end with rewriting the constitution to that of US constitution. PM and CM must be elected direct by the people. It will end the dynasty and nepotism. Coalition dharma will never rise and accountability of PM is upheld. He has to be cautious for his movement much against the political orders. Eventually he employs personal private assistant to counter the thousand husbands like touts and gundogs and aligning with ruling party etc. and eventually it become a rocket to loot corrupt money to his pocket. The DNA of corruption and nepotism is carried over to other fellow officers. Anna rose to the occasion because it requires amendment to the constitution system. He is right for demanding judiciary and bureaucrats (Civil Service Cadre) to come under the purview of Lokpal. But he is forgetting that the maximum corruption is uprooted in Civil services and Judiciary, we have volumes of such evidences. Yes we can say IAS and judges never had the mandate from the people but enjoy all ministerial benefits for life. Even after retirement they seek advisory status of industrial magnates only for lobby. I don't think all IAS officers and Judges are doing selfless service to the nation.