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"Congress MLA ruined my life"

by Zuber Ansari (Jan_15_31_2012)

US based NRI Ashish Sardar has alleged that Congress MLA from Malad, Aslam Shaikh was having an extra-marital affair with his wife Caroline Jacobs. Sardar who is married to Caroline since last 14 years, has two children. He has filed a complaint against Shaikh for creating a rift in his marital life.  

In a letter a forwarded to AV and Mumbai police, Sardar is seeking justice on behalf of his two children and himself. In the complaint filed against Aslam Shaikh, Mr Sardar had mentioned that Shaikh is a compulsive womaniser, a drug addict and also boasts about the number of woman he had abused. Mr Adrian Jacobs is a renowned make-up artist in Mumbai and is taking drugs.

According to Ashish Sardar, “On February 8th 2011, my wife Mrs Caroline Jacobs had arrived in India for attending a wedding along with my four year old son. She had left my nine and a half year old daughter along with me in USA. Meanwhile, Caroline's brother Adrian Jacobs introduced her to MLA Aslam Shaikh. Later my wife Caroline and Aslam Shaikh started having extra marital affair.” 

“Aslam Shaikh, Caroline Jacobs and Adrian Jacobs would consume drugs and alcohol together. Ms Caroline Jacobs kept on extending her stay in India under various pretexts and went to sight seeing at places like Lonavala, Satara and Goa along with MLA Aslam Shaikh” added Sardar. 

Later, MLA Aslam Shaikh started calling Caroline on her cell phone through his official publicly displayed number such as 9892915557 and 8652050249. He also had sent text messages to USA daily. I am attaching cell phone bills as evidence. 

On the other hand, MLA Aslam Shaikh tried to defend himself and said, “I have known Ms Caroline Jacobs since last 20 years. Caroline arrived at my office as she was having some property disputes with her husband. Whatever, allegation Sardar has made against me are baseless. He wanted to tarnish my image in public. It is a politically motivated game. The photographs produced by him as evidence are fake.”

Congress State spokesperson Nizamuddin Rayen is ready to take action against Shaikh if he is pro-ven guilty. He said, “I am aware about this issue. As per my knowledge, I learnt that Caroline Jacobs had already registered a complaint against her husband Ashish Sardar. If she makes allegations against Mr Shaikh then we can take some action against him. Aslam Shaikh might have visited US for some personal reasons but it had nothing to do with the party.”