News Story

Cyber Jihad ~ Technical Mujahideen

by Newsmakers Bureau (March_15_31_2012)

With "Globalization" and "Internet" roaring in today's daily life, resulted in the accelerating the Terror activates & their quest for "Cyber Jihad".
Terrorist outfits are now using combinations of ancient guerrilla warfare tactics and advanced technologies to carry out their goals. Showing themselves to be quick adapters& practitioners of unconventional warfare by staging operations around the globe against high-visibility, highvalue targets, using very small teams, producing dramatic results with relatively little expenditure, all without ever engaging in direct battlefield attacks against an opposing military force.

The New War ~ The New Tactics


Unlike Jihad (Terrorism), Cyber Jihad has different connotations. It refers to highly catastrophic "COMPUTER BASED ATTACKS" or threats of attacks by non-state actors to intimidate or coerce government or society in pursuit of goals that are political or social. While E-Jihad promotes coordinated cyber attacks using the internet, but, the internet itself not being a terror target. For the terror outfits engaged in Cyber Jihad use the internet as "computer –mediated communication" (CMC) platform for:
Ø Propaganda
Ø Recruiting
Ø Training
Ø Funding Raising
Ø Targeting
Ø Information Exchange Operations
Ø Intelligence gathering

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