News Story

'I never imagined myself as a married woman'

by Aditi Taman/ Merwyn Almeida (September 1-15-2010)

married_woman.jpg“When did you think about becoming a Sadhvi and renouncing this world?

I was around 27 years old when I thought about becoming a Sadhvi. I had this inclination since childhood but never got a chance. Finally, I went ahead and took this important decision of my life.

Did your family approve this decision of yours?

No, my family was dead against this till the very end. They never wanted me to leave home. But I couldn't help myself since I really wanted to get into this, come what may.

Tell us something more about your family?

I have a family of six members. My father is a farmer by profession. Besides him I have my mother and four siblings which include two sisters and two brothers. Both sisters are married and one of my brothers is working and younger brother is studying in the fourth standard. I am the eldest amongst all my siblings.

Didn't your parents ever think about your marriage or forced you to marry?

They have always been telling me to get married all the time. I received an excellent marriage proposal but never was excited with the idea about getting married. I never imagined myself as a married woman. I went ahead and rejected every marriage proposals. It was almost next to impossible to handle all this since my family was quite upset.

Don't you ever go to meet your family?

No, the day I left my house I decided to never return even to meet them. If I return home then I will get involved with my family members. It will become difficult for me to concentrate on my work.

What instigated you so much to take this decision?

First of all my grandfather's brother was a Sadhu. And I think I have got these genes from him which is even visible in my kundali (birth chart). Later, I read a book called Gyan Ved which is about the life of Sadhu and Sadhvi and true devotion towards God. It gave me an insight that there are ways you can find God. Hence, I started my journey towards finding him but never knew that I will have to encounter so many obstacles in life.

Is your family aware about what has happened with you?

No. They are unaware and I don't want to tell them anything as they may feel bad. They already were against this decision of mine. I only hope for the best and want justice.I don't want other women to suffer like me hence I am fighting for justice.

What have you planned next?

I have planned to approach the Human Rights Commission too and let's hope for the best.