by Vaidehi Sachin

Every time Gadkari comes up with some wearied phrase or metaphor for his opposition leaders and media flashes it day and night. It's easy to criticise Gadkari because his surname is not Gandhi. He is not a son or grandson of any former Prime Minister. No doubt he is the winner of Indian democracy and the internal democracy of BJP. It shows what his party offers for this Country's common man and middle class people. Tell me one leader in congress whose family is not in this political business. I ask this question to readers also did they know Atalji`s father`s name? Does anyone know Advani's fathers name, leave all that but at lease Gadkari`s fathers name? I am sure the answer is no at large, because these people are self made. They worked on grassroots and achieved whatever they are despite all odds and negative campaigns by Media. We have a society which salutes the last name and we need to change this and build a New India where people like Mayawati, Mamta, Narendra Modi, Gadkari, Nitish Kumar, Shivraj Singh Chauhan will rule and decide the future and not the names like the Gandhis, Adbullahs and the Lals of Haryana. The common man of this country generally enjoys Gadkari's stupid comments. Gadkari resembles the common man ...it's not the votes of the political analysts that counts but that of the common man. Sometimes its height of partial and one sided reporting and writing. Gadkari is a disciplined soldier of RSS and has potentials to regain the charm for his party. Gadkari proved his mettle as an effective Minister in the Shiv Sena-BJP Government in the state ten years back. Gadkari has maintained his close proximity with the RSS leadership right from the days of the then RSS chief Balasaheb Deoras and later with Rajju Bhaiyya, K.C.Sudarshan and the current head of the organisation Mohan Bhagwat. Though an 'outsider' in Delhi circles, he is no babe in the woods and is known in the BJP as a clear thinker having a forward-looking vision and an organiser who knows how to take the party along. In fact, the talk in BJP circles is that Gadkari became the hot favorite for the top job following Bhagwat's search for a new leader. The only problem with him is his vernacular background. He literally translates Marathi quotes to Hindi and goes bluntly with his speeches without even realising the consequences. Probably he fails to understand what mistake he made while speaking. It's not only with Gadkari, the other Maharashtrian leaders also committed the same kind of blunder, if you remember R.R Patil's statement “bade bade shehron mein”…. That was nothing but translation problem but media grilled him to every extent…his dialogue has become famous than Gabbar Singh's dialogue. Same happened with the then Law and order Additional CP. K.L.Prasad…“Mumbai kisi ke bap ki nahi” or for that matter D.Shivanandan's wearied Marathi. If you notice vernacular political leaders they generally commit such blunders while speaking just because they directly translate and speak without in-depth vocabulary… any ways there are many such channels trying to earn TRP and publicity over such silly things…because they can also understand such substandard dialogues.