People prefer Modi over Gandhi

by Vaidehi Sachin((Sept_15_30_2011)

Choosing between Gandhi and Modi is like making choice between democracy and dynasty, between development and corruption, between security and terrorism. Rahul Gandhi is still an eye candy and liked by many but his political maturity is always at stake. Modi made phenomenal contributions to the state of Gujarat and the NRI's and investors are satisfied with his performance. Gujarat received 60 awards from international and national organisations including Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Today, Gujarat is fast becoming the jewel of India where no place is left undeveloped and no person or child is deprived or left out and where people are not threatened by terrorism which is plaguing the whole country. As elections are comming closer and as Gujarat is ready to go to polls, it's quite appalling to see how the sections of the media in India is projecting him with biased and false news about him and completely ignoring the great contributions Modi has made to the state and the country. Spontaneously, various individuals and groups across the country and the world felt that there is a need to do something about this. They wanted to let the World know about what Modi's contributions to Gujarat and India is and why it is important to support him.
What Modi has done during last 5 years is phenomenal in the history of India. He showed what India can do if there is political will with honesty and strong person leading it. As was mentioned, the 60 accolades and awards received by Gujarat from international and national organisations including Rajiv Gandhi Foundation headed by Sonia Gandhi, speaks for itself. These awards range from best governance to best sanitation, from welfare of a girl child to that of poor pregnant mothers, interlinking rivers, best in class infrastructure of roads, ports and airports. 100 per cent villages in Gujarat are getting power 24 hours which is changing the landscape of villages to become economic hubs and reducing city slums. Gujarat made so much accomplishments. No doubt, Modi is popular in his state and across the globe.
He was voted best CM in India's ORG-MARG survey consecutively for 3 years and voted the best person of the year by popular Chitralekha ahead of Amitabh Bachan and others. Modi is popular and we believe he will be voted into office again. However, in order to continue his mandate without having to yield to power brokers in opposition and even within his own party, he needs to have strong mandate. With the media and other forces continuously maligning him and not giving any attention to the tremendous achievements, there is great possibility he would not be able to win at a level and he cannot continue the tremendous work he has started. 
Let's drag media attention to Godhra? We all know riots happened in response to a ghastly incident. Sections of the media, particularly English media is not telling the whole story. It is projecting that only Muslims died, the truth is about 30 per cent Hindus also died and it is in response to the terrible incident in Godhra. The truth is that Modi only called in Army on March 1st after the event occurred on February 28th. Some news media had reported that why he waited for 3 days to call in army. Why was this being done just before elections? Anyone who claims that they have committed crime should be investigated and the law should take its course. No one can take innocent citizens life but riots are spontaneous reactions to the build up anger and frustration over time. Media has responsibility to analyse objectively and provide unbiased news and not make it a hot button before elections with biased and outright false news.
In Sikh riots of 1984, more than three times people are burnt alive than Gujarat riots but no justice was done to them. There is a book that was recently released on these riots called 'When the tree shakes' by Mitta. It says how the current Union Minister of Commerce roasted alive two Sikhs right in the vicinity of Lok Sabha. This is the words of the author Mitta says "Much worse than Gujarat, right in the heart of the Capital, not just mobs but influential congress leaders. No justice till now.'' What did Rajiv Gandhi says after all this. He said, 'When a Giant Tree Falls, the Earth Shakes". Why is this not raised against Modi's opposition? How many more died due to terrorism in India due to Vote Bank politics, where families of victims could not even find the remains of their loved ones? It is horrifying to know that the number of terror victims is just next to Iraq. The Prime Minister is losing sleep over terrorist suspects, but never for any terrorist victims. How media has little interest in exposing these things. Why these issues are not raised before Punjab and parliamentary elections? Today, Gujarat is terrorism free while rest of India is living in insecurity fearing where and when another terror will strike. How come there is no issue being raised about the terrorism and nothing about how many lives are saved in Gujarat by efficiency of Modi's governance?
Let us come back to development under Modi regime. The progress in Gujarat during last 5 years is more than doubled the progress that occurred during last 45 years in many areas. It is Modi's vision of Panchamrut philosophy that made it happen. Today, Gujarat's villages are free of water problems, primary education drop outs reduced from more than 20 to 3 per cent, schools are running smoothly and the infrastructure is too strong. Ratan Tata declared "You are stupid if you do not invest in Gujarat". More than 100 billion dollars MoUs are signed during 2007 Vibrant Gujarat Investor summit. Modi never loses touch with people. He really puts people ahead of himself and his position. Every month, he hears the grievances of his people with all his high level officials and works to resolve them right then. He focused from big to small, from macro to micro. He proved himself to be the most able administrator India has produced. Gujarat will become the second Singapore in Asia if Modi is allowed to continue. Investors had signed MoU's worth more than 100 billion dollars in 2007. That's the reason, why Modi received so many awards in last 5 years. There is no doubt, if given a chance people will prefer Modi over Gandhi.