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WHO HACKED VIJAY MALLYA? Mystry unsolved...

by Vaidehi Sachin (On Aug 15, 2010)

 hackers took over the website of high profile Indian businessman, politician and IPL team owner, Vijay Mallya. The hackers posted pro Pakistani messages and signed off as Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA). At least 6 national Indian media interviewed Vijay Mallya about his site being hacked. PCA has released a statement to news media explaining what really happened. On Aug 16, Techgoss (TG) had published an article speculating whether the long standing cyber cease fire between organized Indian and Pakistani hacker groups had broken down and if we were witnessing an organized hacking war again. On Aug 20, my Techgoss colleague Shalini Singh had published an article about Vijay Mallya tweeting that his computing team had ‘un-hacked’ his website. Business tycoon Vijay also tweeted that they had traced the hacker to Lahore. This article had also speculated if the attack on Vijay Mallya had actually been done by an individual rather than a hacker group. On Aug 24, 2010, the Pakistan Cyber Army released the following statement. In this statement, the Pakistan Cyber Army makes it clear that they were not behind the hacking of Mallya’s website. The Pakistan Cyber Army also makes it clear that they are working with Indian techie Gaurav to work out practical ways to stop the hacking of sites in each other’s countries.
“We are Pakistan Cyber Army - the hackers of famous ONGC India and many other websites in November 2008. The recent defacement of "Vijay Mallya" website is being associated with us We are sending our statement regarding this particular incident. "Pakistan Cyber army is not involved in any of the recent defacements done by any hacker. We are happy that the concept of “Pakistan Cyber Army” has become so popular that many in Pakistan are using our name. Different hacking groups in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, and India have adapted the same naming convention for their names. Please do not associate "Pakistan Cyber Army which has only three members HAroon aka D45H, Hamza aka R4yd3n and Abunasar aka Abunasar” with any other hacking groups from Pakistan.
There are a bunch of guys who are operating by using our name in websites and forums. Pakistan Cyber Army is only for retaliation but only in the most severe cases of attacks on our sites. We do not have any website, blog, forum, email, Facebook group and Orkut community. None of you out there can contact us or find us unless we find and contact you by ourselves. We have no association or contact with ISI or any agency of Pakistan nor are we supported by Pakistan Government. Pakistan has to deal with many great challenges.The current defacements which are going on can’t be called as cyber war. By defacing random websites is just like wall chalking. The idea of "Pakistan Cyber Army" was totally genuine and as mentioned in our previous messages comes with in 5 minutes. Our attack in November 2008 wasn’t similar to these defacements which are occurring these days/months. We attacked the chain of schools of Indian Army "Kendriya Vidyalaya website" Because ICW/HMG hacked one of our School chain. We hacked "Indian Institute of Remote Sensing website" Because ICW/HMG hacked one of our Girl Colleges in Gojra. We hacked "Syscontech website" because ICW/HMG hacked one of our software houses. We hacked "Indian Railway Website" because ICW/HMG hacked one of our transportation website. The website of Oil and Natural Gas Cooperation limited website was hacked "" because ICW/HMG hacked into our Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority. People & media thought that we hacked only ONGC as a planned target and others as random. That was not the case. We defaced each and every thing in same industry and same stature and all of our defacements were targeted. But still you can’t call our defacements as cyber war. Cyber war is a bigger term which means attacking on our IT infrastructure and make it impossible to recover.

Pakistan Cyber Army Alhamdolillah has the capability to go far more then the website defacement if we are to retaliate and we have no such intention to attack. Pakistan Cyber Army is for peace. We PCA have really no time to be involved in wall chalking/defacing websites. We have many better things to do in Life. We are sleeping but not dead. If anyone, not only India, tries to damage our IT, Telecom and Defense infrastructure we have a right to again retaliate and give them the best of possible answers. People at HMG/ICW respect us and we respect them too. Our peace deal with ICW/HMG still exists. I would like to mention Gaurav aka r45c4lh4ck3r from HMG. He is really a nice guy who made this deal possible. In the end we would like to clarify that we were not involved in the useless defacement of "Vijay Mallya" website. But it can be considered as answer from “Pakistan Cyber Army (new one)” because on 14th of August 2010 “Indian Cyber Army” defaced some 1200 Websites. We are in contact with "Indian Cyber Army & Pakistan Cyber Army (new one)" and we are trying to make a peace deal between those two groups as well. Defacing website is a crime but to take it as threat to national security is similar to taking a knife as an atom bomb.Our message to the young people is to concentrate on their studies and comes with something good for both of the countries. Do polish your skills if you want to be a hacker or are a hacker. There is a thin line between hacker and criminal.
The person who steals email, bank accounts, credit cards etc should be called as criminal not a hacker. So guys study well and make your parents happy. If you get arrested for doing website defacement, the first ones who will be disappointed and shocked will be your parents. We are for Peace “We are sleeping but Not Dead” Pakistan Cyber Army HAroon aka D45h, Hamza aka R4yd3n and Abunasar aka Abunasar" .