We are Expanding

After a long time, I remembered Harivanshrai Bachchanji's few lines.. “Those that cannot rise up above must perforce go down; in this movable world to remain immovable will get you nothing ..." 

In the recent past, there were rumours in the market that our company is closing down. Some even ridiculed our efforts. Today, I’m going to share some special moments that put us in rigorous tasks. Newsmakers is an organisation run by a young team to set a new trend in media. Our attempt is to say no to intellectual slavery and sustain morals. When I began this journey two and half years back against all odds, every one cautioned me not to start a paper because owning a newspaper is not a purgative of common man. One needs to be politician or business man or business group to start it. But the anger, humiliation and hierarchy while growing in this field was not letting me rest in peace or choose another option for my career. Most of the newspapers’ owners are wealthy and they hold publications for their own desires and needs. Press Freedom, liberty to write, investigative journalism, journalism of courage are terms that have been imposed upon us since ages, but in reality the journalists are nothing but the slaves of the banner. The policy of publishing is guided by the affiliations and interests of the managements. A journalist or an Editor is merely a salesman. He can shoot only at the sweet will of the paymaster. The most hypocratic profession is journalism. All these are the reasons why I quit my job and decided to start my own publication to fight with the evil in the fourth estate. I began with a bang and concord. We all were like one big happy family. Hundreds of young journalism students were trained here in these two and half years. 

Knowledge teaches you to know about something but wisdom teaches you how to utilise it practically. This journey between the knowing and wisdom takes you miles away. Understanding business and its nitty-gritty are not easy. Sometimes you even need to wait till your hair turns grey. When you start a business at an early age without any background and financial support, there are many hurdles that stand between the tracks keeping its mouth wide open. Controversies knock your doors frequently. Uninvited intruder try to encroach your space and will try to waste your time and their energy.

As new in this business, I didn’t judge some of my decisions and that affected my business. In those days, we had gone through very bad phase in business. In this phase, many staff left the jobs. As a team leader, I had to keep my head on shoulder and move and perform. We get accusations, allegations, pain and tears as a complimentary when bad time starts. That’s the human nature. Then also I tried hard to walk out of this phase. I was insulted, scared. I became exhausted and lost but still kept hope within me.

One day I realized media business is not for common people like us. Finally, I came with a conclusion and decided to close my business, wind up everything and run away from the world for rest in peace. On very next day, I called staff meeting and announced the shutting of my venture. That was very painful moment for me, because NBC was not only my dream but there are many those have dreamt about it. However, they could not respect it. It was equally painful for all. When you work in a team, you grow and team spirit brings success to you. Efforts are collective and goal becomes one. When groups develop in workplace then things just go haywire and nothing remains focused. Most of the good organisations failed to perform due to internal politics and groupism. Even my company was cursed with same syndrome. 

On the very day I announced its closer, few left the office same day, few went off gradually. Emptiness started bothering me. However, some dedicated staff said to me, “Don’t worry Ma’am, we are their till the end of the show.” These words motivated me but I had already lost my confidence. These days were difficult to survive. There were many who argued with me over different things. I just learnt one thing from this that do not argue with idiots. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience. Fight does not determine who is right - only who is left.

It was guilt… trauma… and regret over many things. And anger over those who used this organisation for their comforts and ate funds without any shame or hitch.  They were like scavengers. Their misbehaviours, bad conduct and undue liberty made everyone suffer. Few slogged and other just enjoyed… extreme differences… big imbalance. This gap was very big and wide, I was trying to fill it but everything started slipping like sand from the hand. For whom I thought were the weaker section of office, they held me tight and said, “Come on. Go ahead… we are still with you, do it… If we can come from scratch till here, then why can’t we travel further... you have to go further.”

I gave up desk and just got in business like a sales executive; I  left no stone unturned and paid every staff in time. I had not compromised with anyone's wages or facilities. Half the staff doubled their work. From last five months, day and night, with dust on street to street, in packed local train, gave up big car to travel with smaller one. I had to make loads of adjustments in life. From 200 to 92 staff members… things kept on pinching me. Life too was challenging… From human to zombie, it was dark and much darker... Their expectations, their pale faces and weak eyes… Used to ask me silently ... Ma’am what happened? Will we survive? 

No answer from my side... big loss over minor mistakes... days passed… When going gets tough the tough gets going…

Finally, our struggle ended.......... :)

This week, we got big business, advertisements flooded like miracle. We got Government approvals, sanctions and allotments came like surprise.

Today, when we calculated everything, it was unbelievable. We achieved more than what we lost. Apart from finance, I got true and committed workers, who helped me to reach here. 

First time in five months, I cried loud like a mad person as if something was bothering me and the pain was reeling from my heart. I forgot that I am in the office. People around me were also crying with me. After sometime, my PA hugged me and said, “WE TRUST YOU” ... Aaah! Such a solace.

It was a very calm but settling moment. All pain gone, just a spark of an another opportunity was in my eyes. Next day I called my staff and announced, “Guys, we have done it again. We are here to grow.” The happiness on their face knew no bounds. It was very emotional moment for all of us.

Anyways, let me share a good news with you, we are coming up with our own news channel which will be on air from May 01, 2012, i.e. on Maharashtra and Labour Day. Our company will never shut. We learned to do business and time has taught us many things. These days, there were lots of rumours but that’s not true…

We are very well here and we gonna be here forever. I thought to share some memories with you, Readers…

Thanks for your blessings, good wishes and love
Stay blessed...