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Who made Anna 'The Anna'?

by Dr. O. P. Sudrania

Now I must firmly understand that the responsibility lies with the power corridors who claim the authorities of the various legitimate official institutions in the nation, call it standing committee, or the parliament or the judiciary or the so many other varied fancied institutions in one or the other names. This is notwithstanding the other multitudes of commissions and high powered enquiries setup from time to time. Most of the times, all these are waste of the taxpayers' money and their time. Because it takes a long time and once the report has arrived, it is never even given any cognisance and just dumped in waste bin. Today the electronic media in most of the countries have become reasonably effective, even if they toe the line of the well established Western media in their respective languages. India being dominated by English, Hindi and other regional languages, the diffusion of information even in the remote corners of the country is adequate and pretty fast.
Unfortunately our beloved late Prime Minister Pandit Nehru did not like the dirty word profit; hence perhaps, the public unit' squandering to him did not matter. Nehru was born with a silver spoon, so he could afford to hate the word profit but the nation could not. The Aam Aadmi needs that hated profit money for their livelihood and nation for all its developmental activities and projects. No wonder that Nehru-Gandhi family has even now ignored the nation and betrayed its people ever since the short period following 1947. This same family has made the money by selling the valuable assets of the country, by buying expensive foreign equipments at the cost of national security and sovereignty, by putting the lives of the people at risk both in the security establishments on the borders as well as inside the mainland. Why is Madam Sonia Maino Gandhi keeping a mysterious mantle of silence despite open charges filed and levelled against her in the media and in various courts of India? She must clear her tarnished public image if she is not involved in these overt corrupt dealings that involves agencies like CIA, KGB, ISI and charges of her (unbelievable and unproved) involvement in the murder of her late husband by Ottavio Quattrocchi in collusion with the LTTE. It is said that Quattrocchi had planned Rajeev's murder in a Paris hotel and the French government has its recorded proof. The whole story is murky and unbelievable but in the corridors of power, anything and everything is right when the vested interests collide. Similarly we still only have conspiracy theories but the truth behind the glaring murders like Sanjay Gandhi, Zia ul Haq, President J F Kennedy still eludes us. It is highly pertinent to watch this video clip and read this news on this link:
It also elaborates on how Ms Gandhi's son-in-law became a fastest multi billionaire. There are multiple videos to watch. It is a matter of shame to live with such leaders in a nation of 120 crores of people; half of them do not have the basic amenities but this princely family is immune from any legal clutches.
I deliberately digressed to address the mindset of our first Prime Minister and his family because they have been the main influential ruling class during most of the period post independence. Corruption obviously took its root in that mindset of hatred for the word profit and self-centred clandestine luxury at the cost of the tax payers' money. No one can deny that the wealth can be given many names but money is common denominator in all of them. Ms Sonia Gandhi has made the best use of her connections with the ruling family and has contributed in making it No 1.
This is the reason that the present central government in Delhi does not like this bill in its form suggested by Anna Hazare team. It will give teeth to the law against such corrupt deals. The establishment in Delhi is desperate to scuttle this movement in the very first place by their different dirty tricks and power games against the Anna Hazare group representing the common people at large. They arrested Anna illegally from his house after the UPA government failed to implicate the Civil Society members in various false charges and framed up scandals. But these corrupt politicians are not ready to subject themselves to similar scrutiny. This imperialist mindset of the medieval antiquity must be shade. There is a definite moral degradation of the ruling class in the Indian politics that has developed a cult and aura of a different class of breed; above and separate from their average Aam Aadmi. This sense of false superiority must change or even better that it is reversed. In a democracy, the people are above every legal authority that has to work only to their interest and welfare. If the majority of people want to change the existing system, I cannot see a reason not to or against it.
"People expect Singh to be strong on corruption, not to be strong on those who protest against corruption." This is exactly the people expect from their elected representatives but the awakening call is not being heeded.
"This is murder of democracy by the government within the House and outside the House," said Arun Jaitley, a senior leader of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party in the Upper House. How more candid can he be? Such is the strong glue of corruption that can bind its perpetuators to chair and it is rightly expressed, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Therefore it is important to realise that in countries like India, if democracy has to survive, this uprising and intense public anger must be taken seriously.
It is time to decide, "Are the People above Law or the Law above the People"? This is a vital question that must be answered satisfactorily by those who love the power of the peoples' movement lest another tyrant ruler takes over as has been happening in our neighbour and the turmoil seen in the various other parts of the world. We are standing at such a crossroad in the strife torn unsettled world that the earth is seen redder with the human blood than greener with the pastures.
I only hope that good sense prevails on the part of the ruling United Progressive Alliance Government at Delhi and shed her hubris to accept their failures gracefully before the country is plunged into an anarchy.
Today the entire Indian peninsula is singing only one buzz word and that is "Anna ham tumhare saath hain, Anna tum sangharsha karo" (Anna we are with you, Anna you fight on). I am astonished to watch that even the Pakistani people have also risen up in favour of the Anna movement; normally the same nation is branded in the world media as an arch rival. Such is the power of the peoples' movement. Nobody has lured or forced or facilitated or coaxed them to join in this hitherto unthinkable unexpected peoples' uprising in the crusade against only one common denominator "Corruption". Everyone has been affected by this enemy or the monster of corruption. It is this common denominator that has made "Anna The Anna", I believe.
India is said to have attained its freedom on the midnight of 15th of August 1947. It is not the time to dwell into the controversies of that so called freedom on that fateful night. Lot has been written, is being written and lots more will be written with the passage of time. What I want to study today is, "Who made Anna The Anna"? The roots need to be dug.
The first Prime Minister of India was made by the our controversial great leader and freedom fighter whom we proudly call Mahatma Gandhi aka 'Bapuji' (The Father) and the whole world invokes this name as "Gandhian" and this pious leader 'Anna' is also being equated as 'Gandhian'. Gandhi has become a global buzz word, knowingly or unknowingly. So much so that in UK a much awaited and one of the costliest films was made on him after Indira Gandhi had coughed up $ 6 million Indian tax payers' money to Sir Richard Attenborough in collaboration of India after a long struggle of many years. Gandhi was a hit film but not the Indian people whose money was spent. It is anybody's guess about the accountability of that hard $ 6 million money. Does Annaiites have any right to know that? This is how these Nehruvian leaders squandered the state exchequer foolishly, irresponsibly and unnecessarily even when the country had no money to spend on the other positive developmental schemes.
It is unfortunate that in today's India this name of Gandhi has been used more when the present leaders needed to fool the people for their own selfish motives; as Nehru used Gandhi and somehow Gandhi allowed himself to be used by Nehru repentantly as well as unrepentantly. It was Gandhiji who was responsible to enthrone the Nehru by overriding Sardar Patel who was voted by all the thirteen Chief Ministers unanimously in the secret ballots but Gandhiji intervened because Nehru wept in front of him to make him the first Prime Minister of India and his wish was granted. Sardar Patel (31 October 1875 to 15 December 1950) did not utter even a word to Gandhiji though Nehru (14 November 1889 to 27 May 1964) was far junior (>fourteen years) to him by age also. It may be anybody's guess but pundits think that Sardar Patel would have been a better choice.
Sardar Patel did the highest sacrifice for the nation by letting it go. Yet Patel or other leaders (forget Netaji Bose or Shyama Prasad Mukherjee or Maulana Abul Kalam Azad or Ram Manohar Lohia) are hardly remembered by the contemporary Indian dynasty leaders. Time has passed by despite a hoard of unanswered and unasked questions; even though the grand industrialist J R D Tata is known to have once asked Nehru, "You have a unique position which no other leader will ever get it, please do not waste this opportunity". Nehru perhaps was enamoured so much in his self aggrandizement that he was blinded and failed to understand the hidden profound wisdom of J R D's simple words.
Nehru felt that 15th August 1947 was the end of the long tiring but cherished journey of freedom from the British. It feels a shame to observe that he started enjoying his proverbial nights more cosily than the harder Indian day's hot weather that lay ahead. Result was/is what we see today, "Who Made Anna The Anna". I remember myself that Nehru in his life time had started the anti-corruption department. That did not work and he started the anti-anti-corruption department. Every department or enquiry we create, costs money that has to be created through one or the other means. Nehru is the same man who did not like the word profit but did not mind the loss. He never had to earn for himself nor did he have to endure the toiling village life. How could we expect him to understand the value of profit or the money? This was the crude joke at the expense of the just immature baby nation.
When India was freed, the coffers were empty and there was hardly any stock for food supply. Nehru was begging US for supply of wheat shamefully and humiliatingly. He created a foundation of the nation that had to become permanently fractured and frittered. Malcolm Muggeridge was right to comment that India is left as a spiritually bankrupt nation but it was expected of Nehru to read through those fine lines of history when he wrote and read his "Tryst with the Destiny". Did he? I think not. Then the very foundation for Anna was laid and Nehru saw the scams in his own life time, least bothered.
He did not like the profits and it is no wonder till date that no public sector unit is running well. Somebody has to generate money called "profit", whether we like it or not, is another question but money speaks for money; call it money, business, profit, management or a crude lesson of economics. Choice is ours or yours lest somebody else makes the profit at our costs! Mere empty slogans do not create development; it all costs money. Beloved Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri had to give a slogan to the nation to toil for "roti, kapadaa aur makaan" meaning bread, cloth and house respectively. But it all needed money and somebody had to make profit out of it. He then also advised to forgo one meal to save money and grain for the nation. We did it proudly.
Nehru started the 'license raj' with rationing everything soon after independence, yet he sent a ship of floral wreath to English Channel for offering it on the coffin of Lady Edwina costing the poor starving nation to celebrate his "Pamellian Platonic Love". "In the years after independence, Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten continued to meet, and write, and share a love of India. When she died, suddenly, at the age of 58, Nehru sent an Indian Navy frigate to the spot where she had been buried at sea in the English Channel, to cast a single wreath of marigolds. 
What a waste of money only to satisfy one man's hubris. Let us see and examine this highly relevant passage: "Woven through it is the poignant love affair between Edwina Mountbatten and Nehru. Whether that relationship was ever consummated is unknown, and unimportant (perhaps for some author). What is certain is that it was intense." This intensity of love becomes a matter of concern for the lives of those holding the high vulnerable public offices and cannot be ignored. 
We as a citizen of India have the right to know about the clandestine love affair, at the cost of the tax payer, in the interest of the defence and security of the nation, and the overall interest of the sovereignty of the nation. It is for the same reason that I have always asked for those secret letters of correspondence between our beloved first Prime Minister Pandit Nehru and the Honourable Lady Edwina because it contains the secrets that may have "Made Anna The Anna" today. This torrent, this tsunami of the people in the entire Indian nation nay globally as seen today is certainly unexpected but not uncalled for in this inclement weather without caring for their own conveniences or bodily sickness or health.
I am afraid if the leaders do not read the graffiti on the walls, there are going to be harder times ahead for these 'Capitol Hill' leaders in the whole nation wherever they be. When the common man whom our popular leaders call "Aam Aadmi" jokingly as a vote bank catcher maxim in India, is affected and if their hunger is not appeased, Anna rises as The Anna. Even when this grand man needed to retire and rest in his mid seventies, he had to rise up as a crusader against a phenomenon that did not need to arise after the last sixty three years. Unfortunately, we are facing such a situation even though we do not like it. 
I wish our beloved first Prime Minister would have considered the midnight of independence as the beginning for the laying of the foundation stone for building a strong selfless nation instead of the much hyped speech of Tryst With (his) Destiny,then the need for "Anna as The Anna" would not have arisen. It is unfortunate that our current respected (puppet) Prime Minister lacks the quality of a frontline leader to make a decision on a simple matter of Anna's arrest from his house on the morning of 16th August 2011 at 7.30 am for no offence. Then after putting him in a jail that is the largest jail in Asia where the most hardcore branded criminals are kept was an injudicious decision. Our most celebrated much hyped leaders like A. Raja and Suresh Kalmadi are also imprisoned in the same place and if the media news is to be trusted, these people i.e. Anna and his team of five people were also kept in the same shell as them.
This was the gravest mistake and miscalculation of judgement on the part of the ruling class in New Delhi. This should have been a routine matter of governance just mishandled naively. Can the leaders like these be trusted to govern the nation, is the big question every Indian citizen must be asking. The "Aam Aadmi" (common man) has to be aware of his rights and must exercise it during the period of elections in choosing the right person as their leader. If this kind of awareness is not grown, the democracy cannot survive. I remember the comments from British media when India was celebrating her fifty years of independence with much pomp and show, British media at the same time asked, "Is India celebrating or mourning"? I am not sure who liked or disliked that particular statement but the current Indian leadership has overtly proved it correct. It makes one ashamed of such leadership in a free country where nothing is free except the obtuse politicians. Freedom has been jailed and jail has become the freedom. That is why we have leaders in India who proclaimed by beating their chest boldly, "I shall rule even from the jail". Admittedly he did show and ruled the state by a proxy rule from the kitchen to assembly to the parliament. Indian constitution was made a lame duck.
Gentlewo/men, this nation which cherishes the ancient wisdom exalted in her scriptures with "Yama and Niyama", has enough endurance to live in peaceful coexistence but there is a limit to endurance also. That limit, that Lakshman Rekha, those Yama and Niyama has been raped and ripped apart by the tyrant rulers in Delhi; it is this intolerant and unbearing situation that has created an "Anna The Anna". I think it is better late than never that the people has arisen and awakened to their rights they well deserve.
It is also painful to know that Mrs Sonia Gandhi is away quietly to New York, I believe as per the scarce media reports because the country still does not know about her exact whereabouts and the reasons of her disappearance. She is believed to have undergone some (?) kind of surgical operation in New York and is said to be recovering in some five star hotel of a family ambience. As per the laments from some Congress quarters, they wish that Sonia was around. How justified is it for such a crucial indispensable leader to disappear quietly leaving the Nation in shock and anger for a personal selfish motive and leaving her own party without a steering guide is another matter of national insecurity and indignity no leader can be expected to do. How can a common man aka Aam Aadmi trust such a leader to lead the nation who will run away in the moment of crisis to an alien land for her own physical unspecified illness leaving the Aam Aadmi guessing?
This also leaves the Aam Aadmi with several questions. Is India so far behind in the medical treatment facilities that her own topmost leader cannot be treated with sufficient facilities at home? Whereas India is reckoned as the number one medical tourist destination even by countries like US and Europe and two recent Indian Prime Ministers have undergone their surgeries in India. This leaves a vital burning question in the minds of the same Aam Aadmi, "Has Madam Sonia gone for her own operation or for the operation of their hidden treasure for which she is facing charges herself in the courts of law in India along with her dear son Mr Rahul"? Is this the reason for this topmost privacy? Her most trusted lieutenants in Delhi are citing the reasons of privacy which the nation is finding difficult to absorb. Can an Indian leader with all their conscience afford it? I cannot find logic in it, however hard I have tried to convince myself.
Had she not been a front line national indispensable leader on whose presence or absence the fate or the life of an Aam Aadmi would not have been affected, the Aam Aadmi could not have rightfully asked this question. Then the excruciatingly high cost of treatment in New York is going to be borne by someone in the face of such corruption where half of the nation subsists on a daily wage of less than 1 US $; how far this expensive medical treatment is justified on one person, the tax payer has the right to question it. After all, these expensive leaders survive on the hard earned money of the same Aam Aadmi on whose "votes and notes" they thrive in their air conditioned offices in the well guarded blocks in posh urban settings.
It is only pertinent at the height of such unsettled and scaring fight on corruption in the nation that the Aam Aadmi is suspect on her quiet movements abroad. Who will answer these irate questions to puzzled people on the street who are sizzling in their hunger fighting the incessant and steadily climbing inflation? The young boys and girls are running around on the streets with their high profile diplomas jobless, yet a boy born with a platinum spoon doesn't need any diploma or qualification except the dynasty stamp on his bum; is well qualified and is being groomed to adorn the highest chair. It can only happen in a country like India, and then are you still surprised to seek the answer, "Who Made Anna The Anna"?
In the face of the same rising and biting inflation, the dedicated and humble leadership in Delhi organised the Commonwealth Games last year pretending it as a national prestige; only to pilfer the money in the unknown destinations; far away from the pockets and the reach of the same fancied Aam Aadmi. In the face of the same intolerant inflation, the Delhi government also imposed extra tax to fund the coffers of our esteemed leaders now facing a brute shameful charge of siphoning that blood money to the tune of not millions but billions. They say Kalmadi pilfered to the tune of some five figure crores of rupees but I shall refrain from assigning any figures. As the Anna crusade took on to its harder tarmacs, many more heads are rolling. We have been waking up everyday only to learn of new scams in the figures I can never believe but they have convinced me to believe these scamsters.
Abdul Karim Telgi stamp scam, Lalu Yadav scams, A Raja scam, Kalmadi scam, Hasan Ali scam, Satyam scam, Kanimozhi, Madhu Koda, other sons of Karunanidhi are (outgoing Chief Minister of Chennai) being brought in the ambit of the suspected scams and are dropped from the list of central ministry as their role is suspected in the family business affairs. India's lower house of parliament, the Lok Sabha, has 545 elected lawmakers. As of May 2011, approximately 30 percent have criminal cases pending against them [1]. Current election rules state that politicians may stand in elections or serve in elected positions while on trial or while appealing convictions. In such cases where the accused chooses to stand trial, the average criminal case in India finishes 15 years after charges are initiated (if it does - author). Not a bad place (India) to try your luck! 
This is the season of scams and the biggest ever corruption cases in India have been unearthed more recently. So, we decided to dig deep to see which scams were the biggest and most damaging to the country and its citizens alike. It feels shameful to present those misdeeds here but not to these good shepherds in the garb of saviours of their Aam Aadmi in India. 
It is even more painful to know that despite the rising bitter inflation, imposition of extra taxes in the name of Commonwealth Games was done. The Kalmadi Inc and perhaps even Delhi leadership had also deliberately delayed the construction of the venue for the same much hyped Games in the Capital city of India so that they could create an emergency situation to offer the contracts for various jobs erratically to undeserving and anonymous companies at the arbitrary prices. In other words, these great leaders created a situation artificially to hike the prices and yet the top leadership in Delhi lamented, "A coalition Dharma (religion) for a government of looters". Indian people are very tolerant because of the values they have been taught since the millennia and recently I wrote an article on the 'Yama and Niyama' which addresses this issue.
While it keeeps everybody's guessing, "What Made Anna The Anna", the poor people of India pays the high price for those whose life is classed and classified better than the others. Can we allow or afford it 'esto perpetua' i.e. be lasting to our peril infinitely? Certainly not!