Why so lethargic attitude?

by Vaidehi Sachin(Nov_15_30_2011)

14th of November, the day when our country celebrated Children's Day, parents of young Yogita Thakre mourned over the death of their child. The sad part is that they might never know what ordeal their young child had gone through and who made her suffer this way and why? I was shocked when I heard about this incident. How can someone possibly do this, to such a young child? Just hoping, these people become sensitive to understand the loss, which might stop them from further wrong doings. A country which cannot take care of its children does not have any right to celebrate children's day.

Happy Children's Day to Mr. Nitin Gadkari and the Police department too. Such an incident is humiliating and unacceptable. The CID should probe this case and our government should take strict action against the culprit. If our government can't take care of our children, how can they run our country? Isn't it a shame? It is a sad story. The truth must come out so that the family which suffered such a loss can gain justice. Is it possible that the police took two years to investigate the case and then arrived at a conclusion that she died because of suffocation in the car of Mr. Gadkari. The entire episode has shades of cover-up and foul play. It is pathetic that justice is not delivered in favour of poor when he is downtrodden and cannot voice out their anguish against politicians and other higher officials. Especially, if an innocent child is victimised then we should better act as a civilized society. Seriously, look at all leads and brings the justice to the poor family. On the other hand, kids born in influential families get away by doing anything - even running the car over homeless people sleeping on the pavement. A poor kid, for fear of being caught for just entering a car, has lost her life. A human is born after a lot of struggle and it is shameful that his/her life is lost so tragically.

This case needs to be investigated by the CBI (highest investigating agency of our country). However, it should be ensured that the highest investigating agency does not act under the influence of anybody. Also, considering the seriousness of the case (an innocent girl losing her life in most suspicious circumstances), the case should be referred to the Supreme Court for justice. Are the leader and his personal assistant heartless that they asked the mother to take Yogita's body away on cycle rickshaw? It is sickening! This really shows that some lives are less valuable then others' in this country. Justice for poor still remains a distant and costly dream. I hope media can pressurise for a thorough probe in this case. As usual, you will feel sympathy for the victim's parents as they are helpless even to dream of justice. People should remember this when they vote in next election. 

Even thinking about the trauma that must have been inflicted to Yogita, my soul shivers. The case needs to be reopened and all offenders must be booked. There could be a case of negligence here but I don't see what real motive could be there for the killing of a young girl at Gadkari's residence. So, I feel the death would most likely be a case of gross negligence. But still, the cover-up is quite apparent. 

One question is digging my heart that, how can we help the child's parents to fight for justice and not let the culprits go away after committing such a heinous crime? If such people get away after committing such a monstrous crime, there will be many more to follow. I beg people to follow up this issue and demand justice. We want our children to grow up in a safer environment. This clearly is a cover up by some high profiled politicians. Even a blind can judge that it was a murder and not an accident and even post mortem also revealed the same. My heart goes out to the parents of the girl. How can we expect justice when political influence gives license to do anything?

Interestingly, the media is not ready to accept the police version of any crime. It is convenient for the government to put the onus for the 2G scam on A. Raja and Dayanidhi Maran. The media swallows everything that CBI says about them. No questions are asked further! The fourth estate should do better. The above incident shows the carelessness of police. The case must be investigated in a proper manner with transparency as the above mentioned information says that death was not because of suffocation. If the death occurred because of suffocation, there should be finger prints on the door glasses but finger prints are not there. The case must be reopened and reinvestigated with transparency. Justice should be given to Yogita Thakre. Whatever be the situation, the politicians protect themselves first.  A kid's fate should never be this. I'm surprised, why our judiciary is still silent?

This is exactly why Anna Hazare is not the savior of our problems. Lokpal Bill will not save us from corruption. It is only the justice system that will solve the problems of common man in this country. Not having faster judgement is the only reason why we are lagging behind the other developed countries. Revamp the Judicial system. It is crystal clear that there is a brutal murder and girl died not because of suffocation. 

The brutal creatures should be punished with torturing. There should be strict punishment for these kinds of brutal murderers. 

Here are some questions to the government of India from my side. How many murder cases are pending in judicial court in India? How many forensic crime labs are there in India? As compares to crime rate in our country, even a 100 forensic labs are not enough. How many times our judicial system imposed death sentence to murderers? Rarely any executions are carried out for murder in our country. How many murders go unreported or misreported? A large fraction. 

Coming to the girl... Surely, a seven-year old girl can press the horn or bang on the window if she was not murdered by locking her alive? Was the car filled with fingerprints? Was hair strand collected from the car and the surrounding area? If the girl struggled, then the investigating agency will find many fingerprints. If there are no finger prints, it is quite possible that she was not murdered inside the car. Yet again, CBI does not know to investigate a murder case. Nitin Gadkari is as much a criminal and corrupt politician as any other! Can the poor even hope to get justice in the flawed and corrupt Indian criminal justice delivery system? Even criminal investigation agencies act corruptly, right from registering an FIR to collecting the evidence.