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Newsmakers is one of the fastest growing progressive media houses in India. We bring to you 'Beyond the News' fortnightly magazine, a monthly 'Maritime Bridge' and the 'Afternoon Voice' daily.

Our core competency lies in providing extensive coverage to all spheres of information. To this end we have build a team expertly poised with the right balance of experience and youth to give our publications freshness and depth. Honest reporting with an emphasis on ethics is our forte. We especially pride ourselves in being a self-funded organiz-ation without relying on big industrial houses for sustenance.

We intend to champion the new brand of journalism widely dubbed as 'citizen-journalism', with over two hundred citizen reporters all over Mumbai and special correspondents to cover every department. We also mentor young journalists filled with new ideas without the burden of intellectual dictatorship. These young minds are the USP of the company.

Our exclusive content allows us to build strong readership loyalties which become our coveted reward. We are here to play a long innings and continue to play an integral part of 

Beyond the News
It is the only international magazine published from Mumbai. Fast being recognized for in-depth analysis of events that have a broad-spectrum impact on the society, the magazine has been appreciated on more than one occasion for its untarnished presentation of facts. In addition to reaching out to all the important cities in India, our magazine is also read in international cities like Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok and Dubai.
Beyond the News is an international magazine available across 12 nations. It is the first theme based magazine with having cover stories related to each and every concerned section of the society.

Afternoon Voice

Afternoon Voice is a Mumbai daily covering all aspects of the city. Besides the daily diet of news, sports and business; readers are served refreshing columns and features related to the theme of the day. With an ever-expanding readership base, this paper tries to be different by not just focusing on city-centric reporting but also present the relevant national events with the city's viewpoint. It was launched on July 03, 2009 and within a short span it has made its presence felt on majority of the stalls all over the city with a door-to-door circulation in the pipeline.
Newsmakers has been promoted with an intention to overcome the evils of fourth estate and do justice to the profession of journalism. We shall try to publish current news, articles, features, columns, top stories which reflect the depth of subject. We aim at adding to the responsibility.

Afternoon News

Afternoon News is the first national tabloid which is currently available in Mumbai and New Delhi. Very soon it would be launched in other metropolitan cities also. Afternoon News also focuses on youth and their issues. It believes in giving the readers fresh, unique, informative and entertaining news articles.

Mumbai Manoos

Mumbai Manoos is a daily Marathi tabloid published from Mumbai. Launched on January 13, 2010, targeted at a Marathi youth readership. Mumbai Manoos is Mumbai's fastest growing Marathi tabloid for Marathi Manoos. Richness of the content is USP of this small size newspaper.

Maritime Bridges
Our monthly insight into the shipping industry of India is unique in content and approach as we bring our expertise on reporting hard news and apply it to this sector. The focus of the magazine rests on the maritime events occurring along the country's vast coastline. It aims not only to cater to the industry specific need of understanding the events that most affect them but also serves as a platform for the members of the industry to form opinions and initiatives.

Cyber Terror
Defining cyber terrorism as broadly as possible serves those who want to expand control over cyberspace. 
With so many consumers using web sites to arrange their financial business and working online, not to mention using online many transferring services, private and sensitive data are entered via personal computers. With personal details and bank account numbers hackers can break in to computers and enter someone else's data to earn and transfer money that is not theirs. 
The book Cyber Terror focuses on both positive and negative aspects of hacking. It also speaks about the myth, misconceptions and misleading stories about hackers.
The book gives a comprehensive explanation on how hacking can be used as a boon for the security of the nation. The strength that the unison of the hackers could make is also mentioned. The book is deeply researched and has thorough information of the hackers around the globe, communications, social celebrations and the life style of hackers.

Mee Mumbaikar
Mee Mumbaikar is a monthly magazine covering all the happenings and events in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities. It is a magazine specially targeting the Marathi speaking audience.

Art Scape
Art Scape is a beautiful blend of imagination and the combined efforts of Dancers who have helped the Newmakers' team to produce a unique magazine. This magazine is indeed the first of its kind. It exclusively features niceties of all Dance forms. Dance, as an art form will get a unique platform to exhibit its intricacies. ARTSCAPE undeniably is one such dais for Artists for who dance means soul. Artscape aims to reach out to dance lovers across the globe and hopes to become a part and parcel of all who Dance to live and live to dance.

The evolution of cyber world, new technologies & latest hacking techniques has introduced great opportunity and significant risk to our lives. Everyone from IT personals, youth & common users are confronted by complex and critical choices of ethics and responsibility for which they may be little prepared. Hacker5 presents the reality of those choices and their consequences.
Hacker5 directly addresses to the key issues to influence youth, IT personals & common users toward personal safety and socially acceptable use of cyber tools. The main objective of Hacker5 is to help the user to understand how cyber world, new technologies & latest hacking techniques contribute to their lives and to the lives of their family, community, nation and society. Hacker5 concentrate to understand individual and corporate responsibility for maintaining the integrity and availability of cyber commerce.
Hacker5 also focuses on "Cyber Awareness" & understand the ethical considerations associated with the use of cyber technologies. Our motive is to expose hidden & underground threats mainly caused by using Internet & to spread awareness among the people.

NBC Voice
This website is started with an intention to encourage fair, sensitive and accurate news coverage of issues concerning India. This website is envisaged as one of the leading voices of the people of India, as also for the purpose of upholding journalistic standards and ethics. This site shall provide all kinds of assistance to fledgling journalists and instill in them greater independence and to promote what is important in the interest of public. We have a Directory, Photo Gallery, as also interactive window that the trainee journalist can access for help from us on any issue. 
We are at initial stage, waiting for your feedback to shape this in much better way.
Keep logging onto this site.