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Missionaries & Rice "Christians"

by V. Vivek Varma Oct 01 2012

There are families who only receive help if they accept to convert to Christianity and we are talking help with things like rice, beans, just basic everyday items that anyone who is poor needs. More

Ever smiling and lively minister Vilasrao Deshmukh

by Vaidehi Taman Aug 14 2012

Ever smiling and lively minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, left everyone in tears. I got to interview him and was thrilled to meet this then Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He was very friendly and ground to earth. Keeping connected to everyone was the best part of his personality. Reporters used to bother him over calls he never left their calls unanswered, if at all busy he used to send text message and revert. He is is More

Who owns the media?

by Vaidehi Taman

Media in the recent past has been too much accused and discussed for many reasons. Its integrity has always been questioned. However, its authenticity is a duty of thinkers, readers and buyers. We are very fortunate that in our country we are extremely interested in politics. The headline craze has brooked the credentials of a newspaper. Everywhere we are talking just politics and nothing but politics because the Indian politics has got attentio More

Cyber Jihad ~ Technical Mujahideen

by Newsmakers March_15_31_2012

With "Globalization" and "Internet" roaring in today's daily life, resulted in the accelerating the Terror activates & their quest for "Cyber Jihad".
Terrorist outfits are now using combinations of ancient guerrilla warfare tactics and advanced technologies to carry out their goals. Showing themselves to be quick adapters& practitioners of unconventional warfare by staging operations around the globe against high-visibility, highvalue targets, using very small teams, producing dramatic results with relatively little expenditure, all without ever engaging in direct battlefield attacks against an opposing military force. More

"Congress MLA ruined my life"

by Zuber Ansari Jan_15_31_2012

US based NRI Ashish Sardar has alleged that Congress MLA from Malad, Aslam Shaikh was having an extra-marital affair with his wife Caroline Jacobs. Sardar who is married to Caroline since last 14 years, has two children. He has filed a complaint against Shaikh for creating a rift in his marital life.  
In a letter a forwarded to AV and Mumbai police, Sardar is seeking justice on behalf of his two children and himself. In the complaint filed against Aslam Shaikh, Mr Sardar had mentioned that Shaikh is a compulsive womaniser, a drug addict and also boasts about the number of woman he had abused. Mr Adrian Jacobs is a renowned make-up artist in Mumbai and is taking drugs. More

Advocate Sushan Kunjuraman's 11 questions to Mumbai Police

by Vaidehi Taman Dec_01_15_2011

Here are 11 questions asked by Advocate Sushan Kunjuraman, a renowned criminal lawyer who is handling many important cases including Preeti Jain’s case against Madhur Bhandarkar. 
He has many doubts in Jigna Vora’s arrest who is accused of conspiracy and murder of senior crime reporter J Dey. More

Lonesome battle for justice

by Vaidehi Taman Nov_15_30_2011

A garlanded photograph of Yogita in her blue and white school uniform takes pride of place in the Thakre family's home on a narrow terrace. She used to wear a red thread, a symbol of her family deity, and believed no harm could come to her. Yogita, a class III student, was a lively and popular girl and usually accompanied her mother Vimal, a domestic worker, to the Mahal area in Nagpur. Everyone knew her there, including the vendors. She often sat and sold vegetables for them. She also knew the two police guards at the house of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Nitin Gadkari, who has a three-storey house there called 'Bhakti.' More

AFSPA & Kashmiri Pandits

by Vineet Agarwal Nov_01_15_2011

At the onset let me express that it is our freedom for speech and expression that allows a free and open debate on topics of national importance. It has been in general exhilarating and sometimes worrisome to read the posts by people across the various sections of our society on AFSPA & the Kashmiri Pandit. Some of it was indeed dispassionately written while some touched the emotional chord, but in all the views & apprehensions are totally relevant and may I say not unfounded. However, I am not in total agreement and would like to express my view on the same. More

Radia Exposed: Reason for quit

by Vaidehi Taman

Niira Radia is the first woman to venture into power-broking profession in India or perhaps in Asia. With non-professional and informal way of conversing; Radia has exhibited class talent in the PR industry. Whether, it is a conventional industrialist like Tata or a person with flexible morals like Air India CMD Sunil Arora, she is their partner in scandal. Raj’s love for Kani, Kani’s irritation at such a possibility is recorded in some comic conversations that give us an idea of the close proximity Niira Radia had with the rich & resourceful. More

WHAT gives rise to Naxalism?

byVaidehi Taman

"Three months ago, an adivasi (tribal) woman called a correspondent from Dantewada and said, "Sir, Dantewada SSP Kalluri is threatening me that if I don't handover my nephew to him, they(meaning the police) would destroy my life and livelihood." And now three months later, she complains, "Sir, you did not do anything? More


byVaidehi Taman

To win the loyalty of a person is the most difficult task in the world, Dawood Ibrahim, 55, would tell his brother gangsters. This former street urchin and son of a Mumbai police constable seems to have managed to earn it manifold. Hated by many, Dawood's employees and associates adore him, and would go to any length for him, including murder. More

Who made Anna 'The Anna'?

by Dr. O. P. Sudrania

Now I must firmly understand that the responsibility lies with the power corridors who claim the authorities of the various legitimate official institutions in the nation, call it standing committee, or the parliament or the judiciary or the so many other varied fancied institutions in one or the other names. This is notwithstanding the other multitudes of commissions and high powered enquiries setup from time to time. Most of the times, all these are waste of the taxpayers' money and their time.  More

Anna the real revolutionary

byVaidehi Taman

Social activist Anna Hazare was sent to seven days judicial custody in Tihar jail but was released later on. Hazare, 74, was detained early morning, shortly before he was to begin a fast-unto-death to press for a strong, anti-corruption Lokpal Bill.
"Anna Hazare denied to sign the personal bond and has been sent to seven days judicial custody in Tihar jail," Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat said. More


by Vaidehi Taman

Speak Asia came in India in 2010, February, they first gone through the law books and the rules of the land, and then they began market research and analysed about the approach they can make to establish and sustain a business that they are planning to establish and grow in India.Speak Asia began working from April-May 2010 in India. More

Thank you Once again READERS

by Vaidehi Taman

Two successful years passed by, but we never realized how the time had passed. Since our entry into the market, we have always been experimenting with things to set new trends in media and keep parallel journalism alive. Holding a Publication house or Newspaper is no more a prerogative of an Industrialist. What matters is that you need to have courage and capabilities and a strong pen in hand. More

An ideal leader of the underworld.... 

by Vaidehi Taman

The Docks of Mumbai have been a heaven offering prosperity to the ones with guts and dynamism. Haji Mastan was the first Blessed-Son-of-Docks [Mumbai Godi] to have realised this. Rising from a loader to the most-heavyweight and glamorous smuggler of the equally glamorous Indian town then Bombay now Mumbai; Mastan maintained a clean record of non-violent smuggler. He nurtured friends in customs and police as well as in politics.  More

Hacking – the new battling lingo 

by Vaidehi Taman

Dealing with sites that promote violence, sex, cruelty and extreme groups like al-Qaeda on the Internet is a concern for governments around the world, in the absence of universal legislation that clearly defines ways of dealing with sites that violate the laws. Pakistan has thousands of such websites online which not only inspire youth against violence who fall prey to attractive incentives.  More

Ayodhya’s Split Verdict

by Vaidehi Taman

The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court has dismissed the petition of the Sunni Waqf Board and said that the disputed site was the birth of Lord Ram and holds immense importance for Hindus.  More

Judges and their orders

by Vaidehi Taman

Here is a brief profile of the three judges of the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court along with excerpts from the landmark verdict on 60-year-old Ramjana-mbhoomi Babri Masjid title suit that they delivered. More

Exclusive Interview with Indian Cyber Army

by Who Started Indian Cyber Army & ?

Lucky And Silent Poison Started I.C.A. Atul Dwivedi and Neo both joined them later and formed a team. Both Atul Dwivedi and Neo were initially running a hacking group called Indian Warriors (IW). So basically INDISHELL + IW = I.C.A(the amalgamation of both). However both the teams also have their individual identity like Team Indishell & Team Indian Warriors. They can even function individually. But I.C.A will only come into action against Anti-Indians. More

Let's Build a Responsible Cyber Society


Thanks To one and all
Before I start introducing you to this book i would like to say thanks to all mu little friends mayank,vishvajeet, Rafay Baloch, chandu,ankit,nagarjun,aditi,cyber expert Sachin Vaze and top cops of Mumbai police, leagal think tanks, my staff gayatri, sandeep, amit and rohini. Amarjit  reason for writing this book. special thanks to Indian Cyber Army, pakistan cyber Army, all black hat hackers, white hat hackers and  every hidden sourece who made this venture possible for me .. More

WHO HACKED VIJAY MALLYA? Mystry unsolved...

by On Aug 15, 2010

hackers took over the website of high profile Indian businessman, politician and IPL team owner, Vijay Mallya. The hackers posted pro Pakistani messages and signed off as Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA). At least 6 national Indian media interviewed Vijay Mallya about his site being hacked. PCA has released a statement to news media explaining what really happened. More

'Success never comes by accident'

by Vaidehi Taman

Rafay Baloch is an Ethical Hacker and a Security expert from Pakistan; he is the owner of and the writer of the book "A Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking. Vaidehi Sachin caught up with Rafay Baloch on facebook to know more about cyber security More

Unfulfilled promises

by Aditi Taman/ Merwyn Almeida Sept 1-15-2010

"Woh Buddha toh din bhar alovera ki cream apne chehre pe lagake rakhta hai. Subah uthkar Ammway ki protein aur nau goliya khata hai takat ke liye. Yeh kaise Maharaj hai" said Sadhvi Sandeepa Rajput aka Hemanand Bhramachari, 30 from, Naziabad Uttarakhand. A month ago, Sadhvi had appro-ached Beyond the News for spilling the beans about Maharaj Govinda Brahmachari (87) and his atrocities made towards her. More

'I never imagined myself as a married woman'


When did you think about becoming a Sadhvi and renouncing this world?
I was around 27 years old when I thought about becoming a Sadhvi. I had this inclination since childhood but never got a chance. Finally, I went ahead and took this important decision of my life.More

Glam'N' Gadkari

by Vaidehi Taman August 15-30-2010

BJP President known for his controversial statement and making a news. In yet another controversial statement, BJP President Nitin Gadkari compared Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Mahatma Gandhi`s Three Monkeys and accused him of keeping mum on corruption in the Commonwealth Games. BJP President Nitin Gadkari has blamed the UPA Government for alleged instances of corruption dogging the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee and asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh why an inquiry is yet to be constituted despite adverse remarks on the OC by the Enforcement Directorate, Central Vigilance Commission and the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. More